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Today I have a massive migraine that just doesn't seam to want to go away.  I was updating my web site last night when I accidentally deleted all the work that I had done, needless to say I was highly pissed off. (Better to be pissed off then pissed on =-).  I learned today that I will be forced to transfer to another contract at work (SITEL).  For those of you that dont know, I am currently on the Enterprise contract, doing help desk support for Nationwide Insurance, but unfortunately that contract was just canceled so I am forced to go work on the AT&T WorldNet contract, oh joy oh joy.  But what can I do?  Not much I guess.

In other news I have meet this completely wonderful boi on line.  Im not gonna say who it is quite yet, because I dont wanna jinks it.  So far we have talked on line a couple of time and on the phone almost non-stop since Monday.  He's gonna come up on Saturday and spend the weekend with me =-), and no you pigs were not gonna have sex so soon.  Were just gonna eat dinner, watch a movie, and cuddle.  And that's all I want, for right now, because I really want this to be a relationship.  I think he's an intelligent person who also happens to be cutie. (He wont let me post his picture on-line yet).  I guess all I can do for right now is to wait with batted breath until Saturday.  And another nice thing is that so far he meets my standards for a perfict man =-)  Anyway, I am still only part of the way done with this update to my web site so I have to get back to it.



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